Graze in Peace is a 20-acre farm sanctuary where rescued farm animals live out their lives in a safe, natural and peaceful environment. We provide medical treatment when needed and a forever home for all animals we take in. Our current residents include pigs, chickens, sheep and llamas.


Graze in Peace Farm Animal Rescue in Maine with Henry the Pig
Our mission is to demonstrate a truly humane lifestyle by giving rescued farm animals a second chance at life and by using the healing space of our farm to provide therapeutic and educational activities that will benefit vulnerable individuals in our local community.

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Volunteers at Graze in Peace Farm Animal Rescue in Maine
We cultivate a deeper understanding of the true nature of farmed animals through our events on the farm, volunteer programs and community outreach. We also promote environmental and community health by encouraging a vegan (plant-based) diet and lifestyle.
Symantec volunteers at Graze in Peace Farm Animal Rescue in Maine
The work that we do cannot be done by ourselves. Please consider making a monthly or one-time donation today to help us expedite our efforts to build homes for animals in need and welcome and care for more animals faster.

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