Mission and History

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Our mission is to change the way society perceives domestic and farmed animals and to demonstrate a harmonious and non-exploitive way for human and nonhuman animals to live together.

In 2006, after purchasing a 13-acre dairy farm in Columbus, Wisconsin, we opened our doors to a semi-truck trailer full of recently rescued sheep from Pennsylvania. From young lambs to arthritic merino’s with the deepest “Baa’s” we’d ever heard, we took them all in and gave them a place to live out their lives. Ten plus years later, many of these sheep are still calling us home.

Many more have crossed our path since that beginning and our sanctuary has changed names and locations. We are still deeply committed through the work on our farm to demonstrate the kind of world we want to live in: a world in which we recognize the intrinsic individuality of each human and nonhuman being on this planet, and a world in which we see there is no cause to treat one with any less respect than the other.

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