Meet our newest residents

Help us welcome our newest llama family members: Eli, Samantha, Edward, Simon and their cherished friend, Hacienda! Unlike many of the animals on our farm, these beloved creatures were actually from a good home. Their owners, however, were retiring and decided it was best to find them a home that could give them the care they needed. Since we lost our rescue llama, Forte, last December we’d been keeping an eye out for another to fill the banana ear-shaped holes in our hearts. Luckily, these guys caught our eye. Fences were built, a barn was re-purposed, transport was arranged, and voila!, they are here. Stay turned for more pics and stories of what we’re sure to be many frolicking antics.


Edward, the youngest, is mostly white with a black tail and has one blue eye and one brown eye. He’s two years old and has an old hip injury from a scuffle with his father. Although he walks with a limp, he quickly forgets about it when playing with his mates.

Eli is three and is mostly white with some brown spots. He is very curious about his new surroundings here.

Samantha is four and is mottled brown and white, as is her older brother, Simon, who is five and is clearly the boss of the group. Simon is the first one to greet people by sniffing all around their faces—llamas confirm the identify of their people by smell, something which is daunting when you don’t expect it but charming when you do.

Finally, Hacienda is unrelated to the others but joined the group after living alone for eight years. We imagine she’s much happier not being the lone llama anymore.

Although all five llamas are healthy, we are now facing the expense of neutering the boys, worming and vaccinating everyone, and quite possibly preparing to host a couple of crias (baby llamas). It is entirely likely that Samantha and Hacienda are pregnant. Stay tuned…