Graze in Peace is a 20-acre farm where rescued farm animals live out their lives in a safe, natural and peaceful environment. We provide medical treatment and rehabilitation when needed and a forever home for all animals we take in. Our current residents include pigs, chickens, sheep and llamas.

farm animal rescues Coal and Holly love visitors and volunteers

Coal, the sheep, and Holly (our newest addition to the family) LOVE being part of the farm and are often happy to share their stories and affection with volunteers and visitors

What to expect at our farm animal sanctuary…

Many people don’t realize that a farm animal sanctuary is not the same as a working farm or even a petting zoo. The animals here are here for their own reasons and many have come from unfortunate (to put it nicely) situations. For that reason, the animals’ sense of peace and well-being here will always be our top priority. There are some (have you met Coal?) who LOVE people and will be glad to have a treat and share an up-close moment with you. Others, like Henry and Blueberry and most of our elderly sheep, will need their space and can only be observed from afar.

Although we are only open to the public on specific days (check our Facebook page for current events), we do offer farm tours by appointment and volunteer work opportunities for anyone wishing to come help us out with the animals, events, education or outreach. We also offer community service opportunities for individuals, companies or small groups of adults or students (12 and over). Contact us for more information.